Canarian folk instruments

The popular instruments of the Canary Islands

The science that is dedicated to the study of musical instruments is called organology and since ancient times we find researchers who have been concerned with finding systems for classifying and analyzing the utensils that humans use to make music. The best known and most used is the so-called Hornbostel-Sachs, which appeared in 1914. According to this classification, the instruments can be divided into four large groups:

MEMBRANOPHONES: are those that are built on the basis of membranes, generally of animal skins.
AEROPHONES: those that produce sound thanks to the air blown into them.
CORDAPHONES: those with strings that are made to vibrate.
There are several published works of great interest (see bibliography), both of the possible instruments used by the Canarian aborigines and of the classifications made at different times. In this case, following the aforementioned classification, we will make a list of those currently used in the Canary Islands to accompany traditional music, instruments all used by Los Sabandeños in their career and in their extensive discography.

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